Monday, May 28, 2012

250=1, Story 10

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Q + U, A Love Story (part 1)

It began when u passed a note to q when they were young.  u got a bunch of friends to help out.  Together they all got real small and crawled over to q, and for some of them it was a lot of work.

d had it easy, just standing there, but o had to hop around:

do  y    

[the note paused while o ran to the new spot]

d yo like any


d y like anyone?

q guessed who it was from and didn't worry about the spelling.

q nodded.

The letters reshuffled and beckoned some others.  o stayed in place while they reshuffled

who is


who s it

q was shy, though, and didn't answer very quickly but couldn't help a glance over where u ordinarily sat.  Back then, q and u were never together at all, separated by the powers-that-be who had assigned seats in letter school.

(The seating chart caused no end of problems.  For years, i had filed official protests about having to always follow e, until the authorities gave in and reversed it, with c's parents helping broker a deal to keep the peace.)

Over, behind the corner, u giggled and blushed, telling k she'd known it.

k said u and q should go to the dance.

u said she didn't think q would want to.

[q was known as standoffish and a little weird.  k honestly did not know what u saw in q]


In 250=1, I write short stories that are exactly 250 words, including the title.  Find more of them here.


Andrew Leon said...

What I want to know is whether q and g are related.

Middle said...

I am in love with that photo of Mr F