Saturday, June 02, 2012

Any Advice? (Middle)

I am having a little bit of a problem...Actually I think that it’s quiet a large problem.  My cat and I are having some issues.  We are working on boundaries as well as obedience and nothing that I have tried has worked. 

Don’t get me wrong one of the many things that I love about her is that she is very affectionate but at the same time not all of my friends think the same way.  I don’t mind that she lies on my chest when I’m on the computer or that she lays by my feet when I sleep but I have some friends that are allergic to cats and she climbs all over them when they come over. 

So I thought that I would train her to not always expect attention 24 hours a day from everyone.  To start I am trying to get her to stop showering with me.  Yes, I think that it’s insanely weird as well, but she loves water and she loves to sit in the shower with me.  I thought that cats were supposed to be afraid of water but she loves it. 

Now I know that I should have been shutting the bathroom door from the beginning but my fan doesn’t work so if I shut my door then there is way too much condensation in the bathroom and I know that can cause mold and I don’t want mold in my bathroom.  So there may not be a solution to that problem in the near future. 

Another thing that I have tried is shutting my bedroom door and keeping that closed.  Even when I’m not home I keep it closed because then when I go to bed she thinks that I don’t want her to come with me.  And to some people that may seem mean but I really need her to understand that she needs to be able to give people their personal space and always being up in other people’s faces is not always cute. 

So far none of these have worked.  I had a friend over the other day and it was as if nothing was different.  She was all over her and she didn’t care whether it was right or wrong.  And yes I understand a cat doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong but I think they can sense a feeling when they aren’t wanted.
And also I think what plays a kep role in this needy-ness is the fact that I adopted her from the humane society and they found her in an abandoned apartment building.  And from what I've been told she didn't have any human contact for over a month so maybe that plays a role.  Perhaps she just doesn't want to be alone. 

Does anyone have any advice? 


Liz said...

Of course, you could have the opposite problem and have a cat that was hostile towards people. There is that.

Sorry, no advice. The only thing that gets my cat to hide away is my 2 year old nephew. But I wouldn't recommend that.

middle said...

well she would probably love him to death...