Thursday, July 19, 2012

Caring about Someone You Barely Know

Very Sad…

The other day I was on my way to work and I was preparing myself for whatever negative thing was going to happen.  I am not a pessimistic person (although some people may disagree but I would not be able to work with people every day without being some sort of a happy optimistic person while do a good job at it) but for the past three weeks or so every day that I go into work something happens and whether it is my fault or not (and it usually is not, it is my co-workers that I would say are a few french fries short of a happy meal) I am the one that is looked at to fix whatever it is. 

Monday was the worst that it had been in a while.  Most of the time its small things like the printers being offline or the computer systems being down.  Easy problems to fix in, my opinion, but Monday was not easy. 

I have been working there for about 5 months and I have gotten use to the “usual” customers and I have grown to have favorites.  One of my favorites is a couple that comes in for lunch about three times a week and they are in their early 70’s and they are so in love that I hope to find someone that cares about me as much as they do with one another.  It’s very adorable and they are also very sweet and fun loving people and they have a liking towards me as well. 

Well on Monday when I got to work I did my usual managerial duties before I went out onto the floor and when I reached the front of the restaurant I looked at the front door and saw my two favorite people on the ground and the wife was bleeding from the head.  My stomach dropped and I was immediately concerned.  I asked the manager that was on duty was happened and she told me that the woman tripped on the rug walking in and she fell forward head first into the glass door.  I asked her if she called an ambulance and she said no.  I asked her why almost being mad because no matter what an ambulance should have been called just in case.  Plus my thought was that this poor elderly woman was bleeding from her head and she could have bleeding in her brain or she could have a concussion. 

So I called an ambulance and the paramedics came and took her to the hospital.  The husband stopped by later that night to give me an update because I had asked him before he left to follow the ambulance to the hospital if he would call with an update and let us know whether he needed anything or not so he stopped by. 

It turns out not only did she have a concussion and needed stitches for the wound on her head but she also broker her femur.  I was overcome with sadness because I knew that she was going to have surgery (and she did the next morning) and she was going to have to be in a nursing home for over month for rehab.  It was very sad because it’s hard to watch bad things happen to good people.      


Briane P said...

That's terrible, what happened. Good job. WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE FIRST?

MIDDLE said...