Monday, July 16, 2012

Or maybe it WAS actually Pat Benatar? (Project 190, Day Seven)

My God it was hot out there, today.

But I've done seven days in a row, rattled them off like nobody's business, and I'm seven days healthier than I was a week ago.

Today's exercise:  Running, my outdoor/nature trail track, 27:00.
Latest Weight:  254

Today's Song That Wasn't The First Song I Was Going To Put On Here But Then I Heard This Song And It Was A Better One To Post:

Apparently, that song was used in an Apple ad.  It was playing on my iPod as I did my cool down walk, and I noticed the line "I feel too fat to go to the gym," which seemed fitting.

The original song I was going to post was Heartbreaker

by Pat Benatar, which was one of the first songs I played as I began running, and I was going to mention something about how I remember having an assembly in fifth grade when some woman came to our school and sang that song.  I still don't know why we had that assembly.  Maybe she was a graduate of the school?  Imagine if you started a career as a singer and the highlight of your tour was playing to a group of fifth graders at Hartland Elementary South, and decades later they couldn't even remember your name.

PS: The ostrich has nothing to do with this post.  It's just a picture I took yesterday when Mr Bunches and I took a trip to the zoo to try to go on their cool playground but the cool playground was closed, thanks for NOTHING, Henry Vilas Zoo.

PPS: In the Ostrich Enclosure, there was also a peacock, which Mr Bunches was at first convinced was a baby ostrich and was cute.  When I helped him understand it was a peacock, he said "Like in Kung Fu Panda 2?" (A movie he's no longer afraid of), and I said "Yes," and he said "Oh, it's very strong, right?"

I agreed that peacocks are very strong.


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Pat Benetar...such an icon of the 80s!

Andrew Leon said...

Well, if it lives with an ostrich, it must be.

I hope in 20 years all the 6th graders I read to last year (and the ones I'll be reading to this year) still remember who I am.

anna. said...

dude. way to go ( : i've been running outside for a few months now and can't bear the thought of going back to the gym. maybe you'll learn to love it!