Sunday, July 15, 2012

Test Your Knowledge Of My Favorite Subject... ME! (Project 190, Day Six)

Today was swimming, again.  Here's a multiple-choice test to see how well you're learning about me.

1.  To try to avoid dealing with random, intrusive thoughts while I swam in near-silence, I decided I would try to have a song playing in my mind, as it were.  What song did my brain helpfully play the entire time I swam?

A.  Common People, by William Shatner, a song I find inspiring and with a driving beat.

B.  Music For A Found Harmonium, by Penguin Cafe Orchestra, a song I find soothing.

C.  The Theme From Blue's Clues, a song which I know only four words to ("Who's Clues? Blues Clues?)

2.  There was an older man already swimming laps when I arrived at the pool.  Was he...

A.  Moving so slowly I thought he might have died but I was in a hurry so I decided it was somebody else's problem.

B.  Doing some kind of weird butterfly stroke but not quite that I found instantaneously annoying and almost used as an excuse to call off exercising altogether.

C.  Wearing a Speedo that was at least three sizes too small, a fact I could only notice if he got out of the water and stood directly in my line of vision for several laps.

3.  Midway through my swim, I had a revelation about how to make this exercise far less unpleasant.  Was it:

A.  Kicking off harder from the wall means less effort swimming that lap.

B.  Making sure to use your legs helps ease the burden on your arms as you swim.

C.  Looking at the patterns of sunlight on the bottom of the pool for that long will make you forget to breathe properly so that when you finally start to black out and turn your head to get some air, you're going to swallow about half the pool.

4.    I swam 21 laps in 13 minutes, but decided not to walk in the pool for the remaining 7 minutes, because...

A.  I decided that having swum 21 laps in the time it took me to do 20 laps a few days ago was progress enough.

B.  I was tired from having worked out six consecutive days in a row.

C.  A woman walked in wearing a pair of white pants and a red-and-white-striped tank top, causing me to instantly imagine her buying the outfit at Shopko and doing so because it was "sailor-y!" and my imagining her saying the word sailory in a chipper tone made me dislike the world in general and her in particular so much that I had to get out of there before doing something stupid.

5.  Experts recommend repleneshing lost nutrients and fluids after exercising.  What did I opt for as my post-workout snack?

A.  A Gatorade and a Power Bar.

B.  Some water.

C.  A glass of milk with two ice cubes in it because I can't stand the thought of milk getting warm, and a slice of cold pizza left over from Chuck E. Cheese's yesterday.

Today's Workout:  Swimming, 21 laps, 13:00.
Latest Weight: 254

Today's song that I would have much rather heard over and over than Blue's Clues while I swam:  I Will Live On Islands, Josh Rouse

SCORING: The correct answer to each was "D."

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I cry fowl!
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