Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I feel like I let myself down. (Project 190, Day Fifteen)

The route I take, when running outside, begins and ends with a hill; we live just off the crest of a large hill, so when you leave our house you first go up a rather steep incline, and then reach the top of the hill -- the result being that when I go jogging around our house, I start out going downhill and end up going uphill at the very end.

Or I should.  In the past, I always jogged the uphill parts on the way back, and sometimes even started jogging right at our driveway, so I would begin and end with an uphill run.

But I haven't yet challenged myself with those end-of-run hills, on this Project.  It's been a long time since I jogged up one of the monster hills that end the run, and for right now, my route is that I walk to the top of our hill, then start jogging; my route takes me along a road, then through a nature trail to the watertower and then back home. I reverse the route each time I run, so sometimes I begin on the road and other times I end on it, and each way I take, I stop running at the bottom of the final hill and walk home.

My plan is that come next month, when I increase my exercise -- that's my plan, each 30 days or so to step it up a bit, increase the level of my biking, increase the distance of my running, increase... what can I increase in the pool?  Maybe I'll ask that they put some deuterium in there and swim through heavy water.... make it harder to keep challenging myself.

So for now, I've been content to just run, and not push up those hills, waiting for August to increase the difficulty of the run, but today, I felt good and at the end of the run, as I curved onto the street and raised my arms in V-for-Victory, I felt like I could go up that hill.

I didn't.

I told myself I'm sticking to the plan, but that didn't carry much weight with me.  My body wanted to try the hill and keep pushing it, but my mind won.  Or maybe my mind wanted to go on and my body didn't.  I have trouble keeping track.  But I didn't try to run up the hill and instead I walked.

But at the top of the hill, whoever was pushing the other one, mind or body, kept bringing it up and so at the top of the hill I began jogging again and finished the last 1/4 mile home jogging.

It wasn't the big challenge, but it was a little extra, and I think next time I jog I'm going to tackle that hill.

Today's workout: Jogging, outside, 23:00... but I could've/should've done more.
Latest weight: 251.
Song I listened to not once but twice at the start of the run because it felt so inspirational, and I'd have listened to it again at the end of the run but I was distracted by the battle over whether I'd run up the hill:

Sister, by Mumford & Sons:

Bonus song that was playing when I did the little extra run at the end:

Unless It's Kicks, Okkervil River.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

In our heat and humidity, running outside is just out of the question. (i.e. - living in the South sucks.) However, when I hit the gym, I can usually do five miles uphill on the treadmill.
Music is a must. Preferably In Flames.
Get that hill next time!

Liz said...

Stop shoulding all over yourself. It's day 15. You've worked out for 15 days! Celebrate the victory. Maybe tomorrow you'll run up the hill.

Andrew Leon said...

Earlier today, I had something to say, but my kids knocked out my Internet connection, and I couldn't make the comment at the time. I no longer remember what that comment was. :(