Thursday, July 26, 2012

You can't control my thoughts. (Yet.) (Project 190, Day Sixteen)

I have this crabby streak in me, and it surfaces a lot at 5:53 in the morning as I'm getting ready to go work out, and so I would apologize to this lady except I didn't say anything and I don't have to apologize for thinking it, but really it was her fault because as I walked into the club this morning, the front-desk lady was sitting and looking at her computer and she had her hand on her cheek, and her chin, in this kind of weird way, like maybe if she was an 1870s British housewife who had just heard someone scandalously describe the Queen's knickers, and I looked at her and thought "Knock off what you're doing with your hand my God that's annoying."

"Morning!" she said, cheerily.  I scanned my card.

"Good morning," I said back.

Today's workout:  Biking, level TWO, 20:00.
Latest Weight: 251.
Song that isn't the song I wanted to put in here because I can't find a video for it so instead I'll put a song that I didn't even listen to but which popped into my head and is somehow sort of appropriate?

Handlebars, Flobots:

I wanted to put "Lang Toun" by Rozi Plain in here, but I couldn't because nobody has put it on the Internets and I don't have time.


Andrew Leon said...

She had her hand on what?

Briane P said...

Her face.

She wasn't doing anything wrong, really, objectively speaking.

But I didn't care.

Liz said...

Funny how the most innocuous things can annoy when you're in a mood to be annoyed.