Friday, July 27, 2012

This is going to sound like a weird question but my boyfriend and I are in the middle of an argument about what people like more.  (It’s not really an argument, it’s just silly really but I still think that I am right)

Honey Mustard or Blue Cheese?

I told him that I would take a poll and let him know but he hates honey mustard and I hate blue cheese. 

We got onto this conversation last night when we were talking about foods we like and dislike.  I told him that I loved pretzels and he thinks that they are gross.  He thinks that they don’t have a taste to them and it was after that comment that I told him that I prefer to dip my pretzels in honey mustard.  After I told him that he made this horrific sound like I had just told him that I eat little kittens. 

I asked him what and he said that he hates mustard so much that if he had the choice of eating mustard to survive if he was trapped in a desert that he would die instead.  (I thought that was a little extreme but I guess he must really hate mustard….)

So then we got onto the topic of spicy food because both of us love spicy food and I mentioned that I loved buffalo chicken and he said that it was okay.  So I just decided to ask him what food he liked because he hated everything that I brought into the conversation and he said that he loved buffalo chicken when you can dip it in blue cheese dressing.  Then I made a horrifying sound.

I understand if something is too spicy then dipping it in ranch or blue cheese dressing makes the heat a little better to bear (and I mentioned this thought to him and he laughed saying that he can handle the heat, but I still think that people dip their spicy wings or whatever they have that’s spicy into a sauce to cool it down.) 

Not only do I dislike blue cheese dressing I dislike blue cheese crumbled into my salad and wrap.  I just think that it tastes like moldy cheese…which it is but I can’t get over the initial bitter taste.


Honey Mustard or Blue Cheese..? 


Andrew Leon said...

Bleu cheese is nasty.

Briane P said...

Honey mustard is okay. Blue cheese is okay, in very small doses.

You and your boyfriend have exciting dates.