Saturday, September 08, 2012

"I'm a man of means by no means." (Project CXC, Day XVI)

Today was biking again, and I've been exercising every day; I just haven't had time to post about them because I've been busy suing people and stuff.  You know how it is.  If you sue people, that is. 

As is my new weekend thing, I read a classic book while biking, so you should take a look at how interesting it is to read The Odyssey on an exercycle while it's still dark out on a Saturday morning, because I don't have very much else to say about today's workout otherwise, but I will foreshadow tomorrow's workout by noting that on the weekends, I try to work out longer.  Weekdays I go about 25 minutes, but weekends I try to extend that and so tomorrow I will be running, and I have a plan for my new outdoor running workout that will challenge me far more than anything I've run in years.

Until then:

Today's workout:  Biking, 11 miles, 45:45 (level 5)
Latest weight: 252.  (OH YEAH, DID I MENTION I LOST A POUND?)
Today's song that reminds me of when I used to listen to 45's on my parent's hi-fi:

King of the Road, Roger Miller.

Where I Am In The World:

I'm only going to do this about once a week, so there's some movement.  Since Monday, I biked, swam and ran, and went a total of 20 miles, so I am:

At the "Abraham's Wood's State Natural Area," in Green County, Wisconsin.  Affectionately known as "Number 38" by the Department of Natural Resources,

The woods is known for its spectacular display of spring wildflowers and is noted by botanists for its floristic richness including two rare species. Herbaceous plants include sharp-lobed hepatica, dogtooth violet, false rue anemone, nodding trillium, and dutchmen's breeches. There are large clumps of Goldie's fern in the amphitheater and wood nettle and yellow jewelweed dominate the midsummer flora. Typical of a mesic forest, it has few, widely scattered shrubs including chokecherry and American bladdernut. An active Great Blue Heron rookery is found in the woods.

"American Bladdernut," looks like this:

and its seeds come in little capsules that protect them as they float in rivers and the like. 

Just thought you'd want to know: That's what I'm (theoretically) seeing as I exercise.


Andrew Leon said...

I'm totally going to do this mileage thing with my kids... as soon as they finish the road construction they decided to start on our route as soon as I decided to do it. :/

Briane P said...

And so I have left my mark on the world...