Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It's Mr Bunches and Mr F's SIXTH Birthday(s)!

Mr F, waiting for his first day of kindergarten this morning.
And I'd say I'm not posting anything today out of respect for them but really it's just 'cause I got busy.

But here is how we have celebrated their birthday so far:

Saturday: They each got to go to Barnes & Noble and pick out a book of their choice, which is where Mr Bunches got his Solar System book that we've been reading all week*

*Special note to PT Dilloway: The book says Pluto's not a planet, but I choose to teach the controversy and recognize it as a planet.

and Mr F got himself an Elmo "I Can Find It Book," because Mr F likes Elmo.  Sometimes. He also likes finding things.

From there, they got to go to Toys "R" Us and pick out the toy of their choice.  Mr F opted for "nothing," and Mr Bunches opted for "A Stupendously Expensive Hot Wheels' Set That Cost So Much That We Cancelled Phase Three Of Shopping," which was to have been letting them go pick out a DVD for themselves.

Tuesday:  Middle Daughter stopped by with "S'mores Pie" and we ordered pizza and made chicken nuggets, the latter being one of Mr F's favorite things, in that he will eat about 1/2 of each nugget before discarding the leftover half.  (Everyone knows only the first half of a nugget is okay to eat, right?)

Middle also bought Mr Bunches and Mr F a Spongebob activity book and some clothes, because Middle forgot what it was like to be a kid who got clothes for a birthday.

Mr Bunches hanging out while Mr F waits for his bus.
Today:  Oldest Daughter and The Boy are coming over -- in fact they're probably at our house now -- to take Mr Bunches and Mr F to pick out a toy of their own again (the key here is that Mr Bunches and Mr F really really like to go shopping and pick out stuff, and so while we could easily go get them a bunch of presents, they would miss out on the fun of shopping, and also Mr Bunches in particular always has some mysterious toy in mind that we never suspect, and so we just let him tell us what he wants.)

And we're having a party sub (which is really for us, as they won't eat it) and cake (ditto, although that's mostly for Sweetie) and they each have a secret present that I picked out for them waiting: Mr Bunches is getting a set of Dr. Seuss books and Mr F is getting a couple of windup bath toys.

So to celebrate, here are some of my favorite pictures of Mr F and Mr Bunches I've put on the blog over the past year or so:



Andrew Leon said...

Those are some great pics, and I could comment on a lot of them, but I'm just going to say, "There's a monster in front of that door!"

I hated getting clothes as any kind of present as a kid. It sucked so hard, so I had that rule, "no clothes as gifts" for my kids until it turned out that my daughter -loves- getting clothes as gifts. That's how it goes, though. You make a rule until someone comes along and breaks it.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday boys.

If they like shopping, then that's a great present for them. I have to say that I am guilty of the clothes as gifts sin, but in my defense, those clothes are usually sweaters that I made myself. I should buy toys, shouldn't I?

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Wow, they get like a weeklong celebration! It's longer than the Democratic National Convention.

Clothes as gifts do suck when you're a kid. I prefer giving people gift cards.

Rusty Webb said...

Great photos. I wish I got to pick out my presents.

anna. said...

elmo pic + cheeseburger pic = favorites.

i always wanted to have twins (someday when i'm older and ready to have children) but i have this really irrational fear of mixing them up and then they would secretly hate me and that would just be awkward.

i guess the moral of that is that i think your kids are adorable. the end ( :