Monday, September 03, 2012

Where in the world am I? (Project CXC, Day XI)

I know that lately I've been on sort of a tear about societal rules, and how dumb many of them are, but they still exist, and not following them sometimes sends a message, too, doesn't it? 

Take what happened this morning as I left the health club.  At the entry/exit, there was just the one worker there, and she looked up as I left, and caught my eye. 

So I'm compelled to say something, right?  And so I do.  I say:  "Have a good day," and wave a bit.

And she said: "Okay. Bye."

Which, this: she didn't want me to have a good day, did she?  How hard is it to say "Yeah, you, too?"  Not hard at all.  But she didn't say it.  She just took my wishing that she have a good day and then sent me off into the universe with no good tidings on my part.  Which to me is the exact same thing as wishing me to have a bad day.  Isn't it?

Or did she just want to appear as though she didn't care what kind of day I have, at all?

Today's exercise: Swimming, 36 laps, 26:10
Latest weight: 253.
Today's song which I"m not going to say much about because I've got more to say after the song:

Gepetto, Belly:

And here is the more I've got to say: I found out that swimming 36 lengths in the lap pool where I swim equals a half mile, so today I upped my swimming to be a half-mile, exactly.  I also found out that at our club they have a "I Swam Lake Michigan" club where you sign up and record how much you swim and when you've swum a distance equal to swimming across Lake Michigan, but that strikes me as kind of a small goal, and so what I've decided to do is

Exercise Around The World!  I'm going to add to this a category where I add up how far I've gone, starting today, and see where that would get me if I were to travel around the world that way.  So here goes day one:

Where In The World Am I?  I swam a half-mile today, so starting at my house in Middleton, Wisconsin, I've gone...

... just up the street, almost to the McDonald's at the corner of Century Avenue and Allen Boulevard.

Well, you know what they say:  A journey of a thousand miles starts with wondering whether you should stop and get a McGriddle. 

(Someone ought to have said that, and now I did.)


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Back in elementary school we had something like that where you could keep track of how many miles you walked and you could figure out what cities that would be to.

Andrew Leon said...

I should do that in relation to biking with the kids to school. It might keep them from grumbling on bike mornings.

anna. said...

what a good idea. biking and running days will make your trek a lot faster ( :

Liz said...

Assume the health club worker didn't hear you. Otherwise, you might go insane parsing what she meant. Oh, right...