Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My answer: To spite the frog! (see if you can do better). (Project CXC, Day XXI)

Aaaand I see the posts are back to their regular dates.  How am I supposed to know what day it is, if the Internet isn't even sure?

In other news: 251

*does a little dance*

*gets winded from dance*

*realizes there's still a long way to go*

I lost another pound, which officially puts me... back where I was on July 24.  But it's a start! Or a re-start!  Whatever!  I'm in a good mood.

Also: I didn't mean for this picture:

to be a guessing game on this post the other day but apparently it was? So I'll tell everyone: The picture is a waterwheel at the Splash Park we take the boys to; it's about 10 feet up.  Here's a black-and-white photo of it:

And maybe I should make that a regular feature of my posts? Nah.  I hate gimmicks. 

Today's workout:  Running, 2.5 miles, 25:03.
Latest weight: 251!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's song that relates to the title of the post; see if you can come up with a better answer and leave it in the comments! 

Why Did The Mouse Marry The Elephant? By David Grisman:


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Now that you've broken through the 252 barrier it's all downhill from here!

Briane P said...

Downhill is good, right?

Andrew Leon said...

Wow! I'm even more impressed with that pic after seeing the whole thing. I thought it was something underwater. At least it had water.

I'm not sure what you mean about your dates. It says Wednesday, and it's Thursday.

Liz said...

The picture was like those close up pictures they used to put in... Wait. Where did they do that? The ones where you had to guess what it was, but it was hard because it was from a different perspective than you're used to.

Rusty Webb said...

251 is pretty good. I wonder if we'll meet somewhere in the 220's.