Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Yeah you got the weight of the world coming down like a mother's eye." (Project CXC, Day XX)

I just noticed today that the dates on my posts are behind by a day: My Monday post... never mind, you get it.  Okay, one example: My Monday post is dated Sunday, so this, my Tuesday post, will probably be dated Monday.

It's like I'm a time-traveler!  Which is impossible because if a time machine had ever been invented we'd know it, wouldn't we?  That's why sci-fi stories involving time machines always have to impose some kind of code like "Don't do or say anything in the past or you'll mess up the timeline" because they have to account for the fact that if a time machine exists at any point in human history, it exists at every point in human history.  That's how time machines work.  If they worked.  Which they don't.

Here's how badly I wanted to go swimming yesterday: Not very, in the morning, and a lot at night.  I got up yesterday at 5:45 to swim and I was so tired because Mr F and Mr Bunches never sleep very well so we're in there about every hour on the hour, and I got to the club, only to find all the lanes taken up by people swimming.  So I was going to bike but I was wearing swim trunks and I didn't have my iPod so I came back home.

By last night, I really wanted to work out so as to not miss a day, and so I took Mr Bunches to the club so Sweetie and Mr F could stay home and Mr F could watch his new Toy Story 3 DVD without Mr Bunches taking over the TV and making them watch Despicable Me for the 1,000,000,000th time in a row.  This time, when I got to the club, the lap pool had 2 of the 4 lanes taken up by swim lessons for kids, and the other two lanes had swimmers in them.

But by this time, I really wanted to swim, because it's my favorite workout now.  So I joined the lane with the guy older than me who was getting adult swimming lessons, and because he was there I had to do most of the laps as a forward crawl, but I did it and felt great, plus I got to swim with Mr Bunches for a while afterwards, and we played "Oh No, you're drifting out to the ocean" which is a game where I hold Mr Bunches and slowly drift him away from the side while telling him that he'd better swim back or he'll be stuck in the ocean where a variety of things will happen to him, such as:

"You're going to be stuck in the ocean and have to live with a family of whales and eat nothing but krill!"


"You'll be stuck in the ocean and a penguin will have to be your best friend and he'll always want you to eat fish!"


"You're going to drift out to the ocean and turn into a tuna and... do tuna-y things."

(Not my best work.)

On the last one, I said that he was drifting so far out to sea that he was going into outer space and would end up on Saturn, but that was because a jet had gone overhead and left a contrail and Mr Bunches saw it and said "It's a rocket!" and I asked where the rocket was going and he said "Saturn."

Then, this morning, I biked, and when I got home, Sweetie said she thought she heard an animal in the living room.  I checked, and there was no animal, so false alarm.

Today's workout: Biking, 6 miles, level 5, 25:00.
Latest weight: 252.  I forgot to weigh myself today, so tomorrow.
Today's song that isn't the song I wanted to put on here, because the song I wanted to put on here is the all-acoustic version of John Wesley Harding's The Night He Took Her To The Fairgrounds, but that's not on Youtube so here's

I Summon You, Spoon

And now, something that's coming up this weekend:

A few years back, scientists discovered what they thought was the Higgs Boson.

Then all this happened.



Andrew Leon said...

I hate when there are not-animals in the living room. Or anywhere.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I too enjoy swimming. It's a great past time.