Sunday, September 09, 2012

"You gotta be good/you gotta be strong/you gotta be 2000 places at once." (Project CXC, Day XVII)

Don't you think it's time we invented some new Roman numerals, for things like "twenty" or "fifteen" or "Pi"?

I'm sitting here a bit dizzy and soaked in sweat because I just finished my new weekend run route, which I call "RUN THE MOUNTAIN" because in it I run up the closest thing to a mountain in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Today, I took my phone with me to time the run and also to take pictures.  I ran for the first six minutes, and then alternated running for at least 60 seconds with walking for no more than 60 seconds -- and as I go on running this route, I'll increase that to 7 minutes/70 seconds, so on, with maximum walks of 60 seconds.

It all sounds scientific, doesn't it? Here's the pictures:

This is the start of the run:

Here is the top of the hill that features into so many of my earlier runs.  If you look in the middle top of the picture, you can see The Mountain.  That little split in the trees at the top of the mountain is my destination:

In the park at the base of the hill I just ran down:

Leaving the park:

I am now about a mile into the run in this picture:

And above that other runner and to the center of the picture is The Mountain. 

 In this picture:

...I am jogging along the base of The Mountain; the trail tacks back and forth up it.

 Here is the bottom of The Mountain trail; the picture is blurry because I was jogging at this point:

That picture above is about halfway up The Mountain.  
This one below...

Is about 2/3 of the way up and is where the song 
"Let's Go Crazy" came on my iPod.

This picture:

...shows the top of the mountain, and this picture:

shows the view from the top.  I took that as I jogged by.  
(Note the Water Tower. That's where I started the run.)

It took 19 minutes to get there.

This is on the way down:

And here is at the base of The Mountain:

From there, I just had to finish the trail.  This is at about 26:00:

And at 30:00 or so I'm back in the woods:

This picture:

And here is where I break out of the woods into sunlight:

And here is the final hill, which I ran all the way up:

Today's workout:  Run The Mountain, 54:06.
Latest Weight: 252.
Today's song by a band that I love even though I think they might be a cult:

2000 Places, The Polyphonic Spree:


Andrew Leon said...

You make me want to come running with you even though I hate running.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

When you got to the top did you raise your arms and jump around like Rocky when he finally got to the top of the art museum steps?