Thursday, December 27, 2012

DealDash, where were you yesterday?

I hate shopping.  I really do. Yesterday, we had to get some new boots for Mr F, because he lost one when we were outside playing in the snow and I can't find it, and we had to pick up some printer ink, and some other stuff, and that necessitated getting into the car with boots and jackets and gloves and driving around to four different places, waiting in line, and, oh yeah: spending money.

Outdoors, people, spending: all things I dislike and all things that can be fixed by going to Deal Dash.

DealDash has been America's longest-running penny auction.  Going back to February 2009 the site has been fair, honest, fun, and a great way to shop and enjoy it, while also saving money.  On DealDash, you buy bids and then place them, raising the price of the item by $0.01 each time.  A bid resets the clock for the next bidder to 30 seconds or less. If nobody bids, you win your item.  And what stuff they've got!  Pots and pans for thirty-five cents, gift cards for less than a buck, even a laptop that just went for FREE.

 What sets DealDash apart is that you can get your bids back and the stuff even if you lose the auction; first-time bidders who lose get their bids back anyway, and any other bidders have the option of buying the item from the DealDash store and getting their bids back -- so you can't lose. 

And: no slogging through the snow.  No lines. No hassle.  Just fun, less-expensive shopping. 

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Andrew Leon said...

I had to go shopping today :(