Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm listening to "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk as I write this. True story!

Here's the only resolution I'm making this year: to say "true story" when the story I am telling is oen that is so believable it makes "true story" completely redundant.

I don't need to make any other resolutions because I'm already perfect, and also I already have a website and so don't need to take advantage of the great special offer from Godadday to register a private domain for only $5.99 per year -- for up to five domains -- just by using this promo code:

Yes, this is a reminder that not only the Godaddy 5.99 promo code but all sorts of other promo codes are available out there right now and you should be getting your business up and running.  Already up and running? Then maybe you need to get a better website, or buy up domain names related to your website, or whatever.  And it gets even better: if $5.99 is too rich for your blood, consider that with the Godaddy ​free pri​vate reg​istratio​n​  you can get with some of those codes, you can't afford NOT to get a new website.

That's an expression that's underused these days, don't you think?  "You can't afford not to" do something ought to be used more.  Or maybe it is used a lot but just not around me?  Is everyone in the world going around saying you can't afford not to do this and I'm missing out on it?

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Andrew Leon said...

You know, if I thought I'd have time to do something with a website, I'd go use that code.
True story.