Thursday, September 19, 2013



I froze, standing stick straight as uniformed men funneled around me, fixed on the Drum Major's steely eyes. A sucking sensation tugged at my gut, curling upward, like the smoke essence of my very soul leaking through our connected stares.

I didn't want to look down.

Sound good? It should.  It's the story I'm writing with YOUR help -- the story being "This Is How I...", a story about how I started out accepting the Nobel Prize(s) for literature only to have a Beast attack the ceremony followed by the Drum Major attacking the Beast followed by... well, you'll have to read it to find out.

And read it you can!  Part FOUR is up today on Rusty Carl's blog The Blutonian Death Egg.  Rusty is an awesome writer whose best work is "A Dead God's Wrath," a story of demons and murder and magic set in the old West, and I have READ IT and it is PHENOMENAL.

Click HERE to go to Rusty's blog.

Click HERE to go buy "A Dead God's Wrath" for just $0.99.

And: the monsters have been compared (favorably) to Clive Barker's writing; the writing has been compared (favorably) to Kurt Vonnegut's, so what are you waiting for? Get reading:

Temporary Anne:

A contemporary horror classic, "Temporary Anne" presents the terrifying tale of a woman who avoids eternal damnation by sending others to take her place, scrambling to avoid the minions of Mephistopheles while searching for a way to allow her ravaged body to serve her indomitable will. The frightening images -- demons made of ice, babies' souls consumed -- will stick with you for as long as Temporary Anne exists -- which is FOREVER.

Get it on Amazon for $0.99!  

And follow the blog tour to get a live short story, This Is How I..., written based on your suggestions:

1. PART ONE was on Life Is Good on Friday 9/13
2. PART TWO was on Strange Pegs: 9/16
3. Laws Of Gravity 9/18

TODAY:4. The Blutonian Death Egg 9/20

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