Friday, December 19, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion, and the Song Which Makes A Vague Reference To Xmas, and of course a Picture.

In case you missed it, my short story "A Sky Too Full Of Stars" was published by Daily Science Fiction yesterday; I'd have promoted it but I was busy, so consider it a story you can read on Yesterdaily Science Fiction.  Or think of this as time travel!  Click here to go read the story, which is short and amazing.

Today's song is "River," written by Joni Mitchell I think but sung by Allison Crowe:

She also does a version of "Hallelujah" which I mention because (a) I love it and (b) it will make P.T. Dilloway angry, which is what Xmas is all about, right? Maybe he'll get so angry he'll update us on his Bulldogs Across America tour.

Your Xmas picture of the day:

I call it "Cookie's Last Hurrah."  Sitting by the trash is the Cookie Monster decoration that has served valiantly in our house for nearly 8 years.  When you press a button, it sings one of two Xmas carols, with "cookie" in the lyrics. But this year, a battery burst and so Cookie was unable to fulfill his duties.  I'll never hear "Me'll have a blue Christmas without me cookies" again... *chokes back a sob, bravely soldiers on*.

The latest Some _____ Stories has hit the shelves! AND IT'S TEMPORARILY FREE!

It's got SIXTEEN DIFFERENT Xmas stories -- most of them brand-new and never read before, including my newest favoritest story I've ever written, "Other Snowmen".  And it features a bonus excerpt from an Andrew Leon book -- so for just $0.99, you'll be getting ALL THE HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT YOU COULD EVER WANT. Seriously,  Xmas will seem pretty anticlimactic after how great this book is.

So click here to go download it now, saving yourself the $0.99 you could've blown yesterday, you sly dog.

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