Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Songs That Make A Vague Reference To Xmas, 3 (Plus Pictures)

This isn't my favorite version of this song (the best is by Chris Smithers, but he doesn't have a good version on Youtube); still, the song is great.

And the picture(s): From Saturday, when we put up our Xmas decorations (or, as Mr Bunches put it, "We need to build Xmas!") and made gingerbread cookies:

This was Mr F's:

These were Mr Bunches':

And this was one of Sweetie's. We call it "Meh."

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It's got SIXTEEN DIFFERENT Xmas stories -- most of them brand-new and never read before, including my newest favoritest story I've ever written, "Other Snowmen".  And it features a bonus excerpt from an Andrew Leon book -- so for just $0.99, you'll be getting ALL THE HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT YOU COULD EVER WANT. Seriously,  Xmas will seem pretty anticlimactic after how great this book is.

So click here to go download it now, saving yourself the $0.99 you could've blown yesterday, you sly dog.

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