Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One brave Gawker commenter isn't afraid to take the fight against workplace violence to the one place it will really make a difference: the comments section of a post about the U. of Iowa fight song.

I confess that I myself didn’t understand how I was hurting victims of workplace violence when I found my day brightening a little at a story about how in Niagara Falls the U. of Iowa fight song can be heard coming from a deserted building at odd hours.
The seriousness of that issue -- workplace violence, not dumb University “fight” songs” -- eluded me, but I was quickly educated on just how important it is to not forget about workplace violence when considering the U. of Iowa’s fight song by commenter “Happy Hollandaise,” whose as-yet-unapproved comment taught me an important lesson, when (s)he? said, in response to my generally-approving comment about the story:
Thank goodness Deadspin was here to copy and paste for us.
Deadspin wasn’t the one playing the fight song. Their preferred way of trolling is to mock victims of workplace violence.

The “victims” of “workplace violence” in Happy’s link include Jets QB Geno Smith, who got in a fight with a backup linebacker back in training camp and got his jaw broken over $600.
Geno Smith is exactly the kind of victim of workplace violence whose plight is often overlooked by people who don’t understand how it links in to the U. of Iowa fight song playing in Niagara Falls. I find myself humbled by my own (prior) ignorance yet proud that my comment led to the issue of workplace violence being solved, forever. God Bless You, Happy Hollandaise, for you are truly doing His work.
Top photo: Workplace violence victim Geno Smith, pictured with Jay-Z, noted anti-violence advocate.

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