Monday, January 25, 2016

You didn't have to have the guy say anything, screenwriters, it would be okay.

I've started watching the pilot of Legends Of Tomorrow, because: Hawkman! Firestorm! Atom! etc.

There are some problems with it, though, like in this scene. The team has traveled back in time to 1975, to meet a professor, who is explaining to them that their enemy, Vandal Savage (who they know is immortal and has conquered the world 150 years in the future) got his powers from the same meteorite that made Hawkman and Hawkgirl immortal, too, and that's why Savage wants to kill the hawks.  Watching is a professor who because of a nuclear accident can join his mind to an athlete's body to become Firestorm, who has the power to transmute elements.

Important points to remember, things that are established as true in this show: (1) time travel (2) immortal (3) people with wings who are gods (4) transmute elements.  Let's join the action! The professor explains that by killing the hawks Savage gets their power:

And the man who can combine his DNA with another man's to gain the power to transmute elements, having traveled back in time 41 years on a spaceship, says...

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