Wednesday, January 27, 2016

There is a marketing program on Twitter trying to use workplace violence to sell you headphones.

The controversy goes on! Just yesterday I posted a brief story about how I had, in my savage ignorance, not noted the all-important link between U. of Iowa fight songs and workplace violence. I was promptly corrected, and workplace violence was ended, by the timely intervention of a commenter.

To help spread the word, I posted a link to the blog on Twitter, where everyone knows that helpful marketing 'bots will pick up keywords and retweet you for their own ends. My tweet about workplace violence got immediately linked by by "Justin" who is a real person I'm sure:

Yes, "Justin" (who loves headphones so much he can't stop tweeting about them), I will certainly enjoy MORE workplace violence with those awesome high-quality headphones! (Or I would but as I mentioned, the earlier comment has completely solved that issue, leaving me with nothing to do with these headphones!)

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