Thursday, August 18, 2016

Operation Sandman, Night 2: "Sleep lays lightly on the hopeful, as well as on the anxious."

It's 9:08 p.m., and Mr F just got to bed. We were running a bit late tonight because I had to help Mr Bunches put together his new Lego set, and even though it was a small one -- 315 pieces or so -- I didn't finish until 8:30.

Then on the nightly ride we saw lightning, and outside the house right now I can hear thunder in the distance, plus rain pelting the roof. Hopefully it won't wake Mr Bunches.

Mr F is in his bed. I'm in the chair in the hall, door fully open, but not in the room.  That's what Sweetie did last night, and he was okay with it.

He only woke up 3 times last night, about every 2-3 hours, but each time Sweetie said she put him back in his bed and then sat in the chair in the hall, and he fell back asleep fairly promptly. This constitutes progress.

I can hear him in there, tapping his forks and lightly talking to himself. I shouldn't let him take his forks with him to bed, but he's out of sorts tonight. Before the ride, he was having tics, like rolling his eyes or puffing in his breath. He only does that when he's very nervous. So I'm letting him have his forks for a bit.

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