Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer pics day 4

This is from the first day we went wading in the river, just after a big rain the night before. The river was deeper and faster than it's ever been, so we only ventured in at a few spots and I made the boys hold my hand. No kid of mine is getting washed away in a flash flood.

This shows the uneasy truce between Mr F and my grandson. Mr F isn't sure he likes the little guy, and my grandson for his part is not quite sure what to make of the fascinating Mr F, who is always doing something interesting but who is also loud and fast and strong.

 I had to go to a court hearing in Green Bay, so afterwards, having a bit of extra time, I drove to find where Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers lives. I found it, too. (It's a pretty regular-looking house in a fancy subdivision.) That house wasn't as scenic as this horse.

And this is a picture I had a stranger take, that same day, of me sitting on a bench with a statue of a man who was identified as "the Packers' biggest booster." I believe he was a reporter, but I don't remember his name and I can't find it on the website.

The sportcoat I am wearing in that picture was a gift from the boys for Father's Day. I am 5-0 in it and have never lost a hearing while wearing it.

This next one is a picture of Mr F and Mr Bunches in front of the window on the 8th floor of the Dane County courthouse, where we'd gone to file some stuff late one day:

This is a duck. (But you probably would've guessed that.)

Mr F in a solemn moment, swimming in Lake Mendota at Picnic Point, a promontory that juts out into the lake on university grounds:

I call this picture "Yep!"

Lily pads and branches, Picnic Point:

This is the eerie sky one night during a lull in some terrible terrible thunderstorms:

One of the things I get sad about is that I love thunderstorms. But Mr Bunches is terrified of them, so when they come around he is too scared for me to take any pleasure in them anymore. Mostly during thunderstorms we have to drive around in the car, because Mr Bunches is scared the power will go out. (It went out 1 time, long ago, but he has never forgotten.) This night, we drove a bit but then when things got really bad there was flash flooding and other severe weather warnings, so we had to go back home and sit in the basement where I have my home office. Mr Bunches had a terrible night.

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Andrew Leon said...

Thunder storms are one of the things I miss from my time before California. We don't have those here. It almost never even thunders. When I was a kid, I loved being down at my great-grandmothers and listening to the rain pound on the tin roof (yes, an actual tin roof) at night during a storm.

And that picture is of a flower, not a duck. :P