Monday, February 02, 2009

Question of the Day: 41.

Do you think she's lying?

Sweetie and I were having one of our very intellectual/philosophical/weighty conversations on Friday night while we took the Babies! for a drive after swimming (and didn't stalk that guy's house for a change.) The topic was this: Sweetie said that most men like bodies more than faces, and then proved it by asking me whether I'd rather date Jennifer Lopez's body with Roseanne Barr's face, or vice versa. (I chose the good body/bad face combo.)

I asked her what she claimed to look for in men, and she said "personality." Now, I have never seen her look through her magazines, or sit in a movie theater, or wait for Apollo's towel to slip again on Battlestar Galactica, and say "Boy, he's sure got a hot personality." So I was skeptical. Then I was even more skeptical when she said she wants someone with a sense of humor, like Conan O' Brien. I asked her if she'd date:

Conan O'Brien's personality in John Goodman's body? She said yes.

Conan O'Brien's personality in Peter Griffin's body? She said yes.

Conan O' Brien's personality in Jaime Pressley's body only it's still a guy, it just happens to look like Jaime Pressley? She said yes.

But I think she's lying. If only I could prove it...


lisapepin said...

Yeah... No man ever bought a woman dinner because he wanted to "motorboat" her personality.

Briane P said...

That might be the best way of putting it... ever.