Friday, February 06, 2009

Question of the Day: 43

Have you noticed that straw wrappers are tighter these days?

I have. It used to be that you'd go get a straw, and the wrapper around it gave the straw a little room to move around, spread its wings. Now, though, you pick up a straw and that paper is practically melded to it, and you have to tear the end of the wrapper off and then try to pull the paper down, only you end up trying to tap the straw on the table but hit it too hard, and as a result gets a tiny little tear in the straw that you won't notice until you try to drink your Diet Dr. Pepper through it and get air bubbles, after which you'll try to remember if "air bubbles sucked into your stomach" is the same as the scuba diving problem "the bends," and what you're supposed to do when you get "the bends."

Then you'll realize, too, that Ranger Rick magazine never really told you that information, as a kid, either.

Also: Just before I posted this, I did a search to see if I could get that picture up there, and I found this trick, which I am now dying to try out. Why are there no straws in this law office!

Also-er: the picture is of a machine called a "straw flexer and wrapper."

Question of the Day, 42, here.

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