Wednesday, March 31, 2010

24 Hours Of Pizza Could Be The New National Trend, If You'd Just Live Like Me (3 Good Things From 3/30/10).

The picture to the right shows the work I'm trying not to start doing just yet... something that's being greatly aided by the fact that my computer apparently has another virus on it. Luckily, I've got 3 Good Things from yesterday to ride out the trouble this morning...

1. I'm 2/3 of the way through 24 Hours Of Pizza... Yesterday, I got my mileage reimbursement for the month -- a little monthly bonus that I celebrated by ordering pizza for dinner, making sure to order enough that there would be leftovers for breakfast, and for my lunch.

To guarantee leftovers, I had to enter into the Treaty of Pepperoni with The Boy: I won't touch the pepperoni pizza (which he claims to love even though he doesn't because nobody over the age of 12 actually likes pepperoni pizza, plus I proved scientifically that The Boy doesn't really like pepperoni pizza, long ago) if he doesn't touch the sausage pizza.

2. Mark Watson played some cool music for my drive home. Remember, I make it a point to try to support family and friends who do stuff -- our whole family does: last week Middle and Sweetie helped her sister-in-law host a cosmetics party -- so when I found out yesterday that Mark Watson, who's married to a coworker of mine, was DJ'ing a show on Madison's 91.7 FM from 5-7, I tuned my radio into the show for the ride home, and I was not disappointed: Mark played some of the best rock I've heard in a long time. I hadn't listened to music radio in years (unless I was forced to), but I've now programmed in 91.7 on my car radio and listened to it on the way in this morning, too.

3. I got through 57 emails in one afternoon. I've been getting further and further behind on work emails; by yesterday, I had 92 of them to get through. Beginning in the late afternoon, I began reading and responding to as many of them as I could before heading home to the waiting pizza. 57 in one shot -- leaving me, after the new ones coming in, with 52 to go. Sigh.

107 down, 10,638 to go: This was the song I chose to listen to on my iPod on the walk from my car into the office. As Van Wilder pointed out in Definitely, Maybe, the music you pick for your walk to and from work is very important. In this case, I went for commanding/wistful: 7 Nation Army, as covered by Vyvien Long:

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