Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can't think of any funny little intros... (3 Good Things From 3/31/10)

so here's today's 3 Good Things from yesterday...

1. The temperature hit about 70 degrees! The picture at the right is from last year -- but it's meant to celebrate a great night last night, as the temperature got warm enough for Sweetie and I to take the Babies! to the park and try to play soccer with them on the tennis courts, and then swing the night away. We're not far from more water fights, trips to the splash park, and other summer fun now.

(I know; we're three months away. But at least I don't have to wear my winter coat anymore.)

2. I had a really good conversation with Sweetie. Sweetie and I have plenty of good conversations, but sometimes, one stands out, and last night's was one of those: We had a great time, taking a drive after the trip to the park, talking about... everything, and nothing, really: the kids, and people who have tons of money and give it away, and just life.

3. Dinosaur in the Play-Doh! I bought some Play-Doh for Mr F over the weekend. It turns out that he doesn't like it, but Mr Bunches does. So last night, Mr Bunches and I played Play-Doh, with me making shapes like "star" and "square" and possibly the worst "Tree" ever (it looked like a mushroom... a little). Then Sweetie showed me the game she had invented with Mr Bunches, Dinosaur in the Play-Doh. You play it by making the Play-Doh a wide, round, flat field, and then taking one of the hundreds of tiny toy dinosaurs that fill our house, and mashing the dinosaur into the Play-Doh, while yelling Dinosaur In The Play-Doh!

Mr Bunches then does it while you yell the catch-phrase, until he gets bored, after which you're left with a patch of Play-Doh imprinted with miniature dinosaur shapes. (At some point in the future, I'm sure, scientists will rush in and announce they've discovered Playvelociraptors.)

108 Down, 10,637 to go: "Mr Mastodon Farm," by Cake: Because who doesn't assign symbolic meaning to random events in their life?

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