Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's classic Babies! pictures time! (3 Good Things From 3/29/10)

It's supposed to get up to 70 degrees this week, and also I'm wearing my new favorite shirt of all, the cool-colored blue one. That makes my 3 Good Things almost irrelevant...

1. The cupcake wrappers came out exact. I'm a big proponent of celebrating the little victories in life, like last night, when I made cupcakes for Sweetie. I grabbed all the spare old cupcake wrappers we had laying around, and after deciding not to use the "tinfoil" ones because they were confusing -- they had tinfoil wrappers with white wrappers inside and I didn't know if I was supposed to use one or both of those -- I grabbed a set of the Winnie-The-Pooh wrappers and began putting them into the cupcake pans.

As it turned out, I had 24 cupcake slots, and had grabbed, randomly, 24 cupcake wrappers. So, you know, not the exact same as picking the winning lottery numbers, but good nonetheless.

2. The Arena Of Bust-It! We got the Babies! a "Jump-O-Line" as a present over the weekend. It's a big inflatable ring that they're supposed to use as a trampoline and which is supposed to, in my mind, stop them from jumping on the beds (which they do by taking apart their beds and stacking their mattresses up to create better bouncing.)

So far, they've mostly used the Jump-O-Line as a clubhouse, turning it upside down and crawling in and out of the door that way, but that changed last night when, as a pre-bath warmup, we invented "The Arena of Bust-It!" -- taking the game of Bust It! to a new level by dropping them into the Jump-O-Line/Arena and then tickling them and knocking them down and pushing them into the walls... which as I read it, sounds very unparenty but trust me, it was fun and they loved it and nobody got hurt, aside from many, many static electricity shocks, because it is, after all, a giant inflatable thing that generates enough electricity to power our house.

3. I forgot to mention that I won another contest! I get more and more of my new music from Muruch, a great music blog, and recently I was notified by the site's owner that I won a copy of the The Bird And The Bee CD. So if you like free music, check out Muruch -- come for the contests, and stay for the fun and insightful commentary on music.

106 down, 10,639 to go: In honor of winning that CD, and because Sweetie saw She's Out Of His League on Saturday and liked the guy who, in the movie, was a member of a Hall & Oates tribute band, here's Maneater by The Bird And The Bee:


Petri Dish said...

Kermit's passed out in the first pic. Now I know who's behind the Babies! drinking and pantslessness.

Briane P said...

The gray elephant was in on it, too.