Monday, March 29, 2010

Coffee is a standalone drink. (3 Good Things From The Weekend)

I have so many good things going on that I can't list them all, sometimes -- like last week, I forgot to mention that I won tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters by correctly knowing that Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity. Here's my 3 Good Things from the past weekend:

1. Mr Bunches and Mr F helped me at the office on Sunday. And by "helped" I mean "wore their pants the entire time." Sunday, I took both Mr F and Mr Bunches -- Mr F's in green, to the right, -- to work with me to get caught up on stuff. While I went through emails and mail and bills and things, they watched "The Emperor's New Groove" on Youtube, and ate hash browns, and tried to sneak into other lawyer's offices, and, at one point, drank coffee creamer... but that latter wasn't entirely my fault.

Mr Bunches had drank all his milk, and wanted some more. I went to check our office refrigerator, and found a half-gallon of milk with an expiration date of "1/10/10." The only other kind-of-milk related thing in there was creamer for coffee, so I poured him a half-glass of that and he went off happily to dance to the music in his movie.

So you can see, it's not my fault, because what kind of law office doesn't have a fresh gallon of milk available on a Sunday morning?

The pictures on this post were taken during our walk to the mailbox to mail a letter for Sweetie; we opted to stroll over to the post office because it was a nice-for-March-in-Wisconsin day, and along the way took some snapshots like the one below, of Mr Bunches in front of a Humpty Dumpty which for some reason memorializes someone in front of the City-County Building in Madison. (Mr F wouldn't sit by the statue, disliking either heights, or silver egg people, or both.)

2. Well, I liked my meatloaf. Saturday night, I made meatloaf, by request, making it extra good (and letting it cook while the Babies! and I went to the park.) The meatloaf had ground turkey and real, hand-grated parmesan cheese and had, in addition to the usual bread crumbs, pretzel crumbs and hand-torn bits of bread and sweet & sour sauce and was delicious, and so far I'm the only person who liked it.

I also realized something as I was cooking it, and what I realized was this: All you need to make a meal fancy is to say what's in it or what you did to it. Take my meatloaf. If you came over and I served you meatloaf, you'd probably say to yourself "That's it? Just meatloaf?" (You'd probably also say "Does he ever bother to pick up the Babies!' toys before dinner?")(The answer to that latter would be "No, not really, because they'll just throw them around again so I pick them up when the Babies! go to bed.")

But if you came over and I served you "Sweet & Sour Parmesan Meatloaf With Hand-Torn Breadcrumbs," you would be bowled over and think "Wow, that's really something."

You might not even notice the toys laying all over.

3. Sweetie shared her Frozen Mango Drink with me. Sweetie and I went on a date on Saturday, going to eat lunch at Panera before going to pick up a DVD player for our bedroom.

Sweetie always gets this "Frozen Mango" drink at Panera, something made up of mango and whipped cream and ice, and it's pretty good. This time, ordering, I noticed that underneath the "Frozen Mango" on the menu, in the same category, was something called a "Frozen Caramel" drink. So I ordered that, only to find, to my surprise/dismay, that the "Frozen Caramel" includes espresso, and while I'm a coffee drinker, I don't want my coffee (a) cold or (b) mixed with anything else. Coffee is a standalone drink; mixing it with other things wrecks those other things.

When I told Sweetie why I wasn't drinking the Frozen Caramel, she said "You know, it's a coffee place," which I disputed -- Panera isn't a coffee shop, it's a sandwich shop, and also, the drink was in the same category as the "Frozen Mango," which doesn't have coffee in it, so why should I assume that the "Frozen Caramel" would have coffee in it?

But, Sweetie shared some of her Frozen Mango with me over lunch, and we got the DVD player, and a wonderful time was had by all. Or at least by us two.

105 down, 10,640 to go: In honor of my date with Sweetie, here's What Ifs + Maybes, by Bromheads Jacket:

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