Friday, January 21, 2011

And then I never do that. (Stuff, and Junk.)

Today's XKCD comic is one of the kind of comics I love and hate:

I hate it because it feels like it'll take forever to read -- even though the actual time spent reading is probably only about a minute, a minute on the internet feels like 20 minutes of real time.

Or is that just me? Because when I see a video, for example, that someone wants me to watch and it's longer than 30 seconds, I tend to skip it because of that Internet Time Factor...

... and I love it because it's details and fun to read and makes a reference to Risk, a game which is definitely one of our underused cultural touchpoints, and also because in its detail and expansiveness it reminds me of a poster that was hanging in my fifth grade reading class, Building A Rainbow:

About twice a year, I think "I should really go online and order that poster and hang it in my office," and then I never do that.

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