Monday, January 17, 2011

Page down to see Sweetie's Knee! (Saturday Adventures.)

With the holidays over, and, more importantly, with me having a camera that makes it easier than ever to get photos onto this blog, it's time to revive the Saturday Adventures!

This week's Adventure started small: we planned on going to the downtown library, which is our new hangout ever since our old library turned out to be intolerant and I swore never to ever go there again. But we also planned to check out a new art display at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and run a few errands.

Adventure: Doing Some Stuff, Beginning With The Library.

First stop: Get gas, and make sure I know how to work the camera on my new phone, a feature I tested out by holding it over my head and snapping this photo of my intrepid co-adventurers:

That's Mr F on the left, already featuring some of the Cheeto Fallout from the puffs he was eating.

We headed to Madison's downtown Central Library, mostly because I figured, as a replacement library, it would be the biggest and also would be near my office so that on Sundays, when the Babies! come with me to work, we could stop by the library on our way home. (Sadly, that turned out not to work because yesterday, when we did go to the office, on the way out Mr Bunches wanted to go to the library but it doesn't open until 1 on Sundays.)

Anyway, the kids' room at the main library is pretty big and was also pretty raucous, for a library. I shushed Mr F and Mr Bunches on the way up, but once we were upstairs in Kidville there was no need to shush them.

Mr F began looking at the books right away:

While Mr Bunches located their giant train set and immediately was hooked:

Over to one side was a crafts table -- one of two -- where the kids could make spiders out of paper plates. We collaborated on one: I punched the holes for the legs, and Mr Bunches put them in. He then glued the eyes on, and Mr F finished up with blue glitter:

Mr F looking out the window of the library at the Overture Center across the street:

While he was doing that, Mr Bunches was playing trucks. We also baked a batch of pretend cookies, and even read a book (if you can imagine doing that at a library) before heading over to the Overture Center to check out "Our Tiny Friends and Foes," an art display of crocheted, knitted, and otherwise crafty germs and bacteria and stuff:

From there, it was over to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where I wanted to check out a display called "Rapture." By then, the boys were getting tired. This is them in the elevator up to the main level of the museum:

Rapture was there, featured on the main floor with eerie music and black and white films in a darkened room, but if you're going to check out a piece of giant conceptual art meant to make you contemplative, it's best not to take Mr F, as he's kind of touchy and wanted to go feel the movie screens. The more I said to him "it's not to touch, it's just to look at," the closer the security guard got to us. So we gave up and went to look at the stick horse in the lobby (Mr Bunches wanted to ride it, I said no) and then headed out, walking past the federal courthouse that I always think looks, itself, like a modern art museum:

From there, we headed to the grocery store to get those things we forgot the night before when we went grocery shopping (Dishwashing soap, Life + Style magazine, and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal). Plus, we had to stock up on a new set of colors:

Then it was back home, where the Babies! were left to play on their own while I relaxed with some pizza and my new Entertainment Weekly magazine. Originally, Sweetie was featuerd in this picture:

But she got mad and said I shouldn't post pictures of her, so I took a new one in which you can see her right knee, which I am (I guess) free to post.

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