Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's not only inspirational, but it's true, too. (Stuff, And Junk.)

Sometimes I think I'm not inspirational enough. Sometimes I think I'm too inspirational. I'm trying to hit the right balance. So, for example, I'll cut out a quote from a Sports Illustrated article about the movie The Fighter which reads as follows:

At bottom, The Fighter is the by-product of a sign posted back in a Lowell gym, Art Ramalho's, where Micky and Dicky began their careers and where much of the movie was shot. In big block letters, it is the sort of thought that sits up in the top drawer of Wahlberg's head: THE PERSON WHO REALLY WANTS TO DO SOMETHING FINDS A WAY; THE OTHER FINDS AN EXCUSE.
And I'll tape that onto our kitchen cabinets, where we have lots of things taped and post-it-ed, ranging from the inspirational (like that) to the more prosaic (a post-it that says water plant, a directive I routinely ignore).

Or, I'll have the exchange I just had with Sweetie about The Boy's effort to get tickets to the NFC championship game this weekend.

Sweetie texted me that The Boy

did not get tix. Sold out!

Which I pondered for a few seconds deciding how to respond, and came up with:

I figured, but at least he tried. Nobody can take that away from him.

I felt that struck the right balance.

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