Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And we haven't even begun talking about what Mr F might do.

The adventures in plumbing continue; after Mr Bunches flushed a jump rope -- yes, a JUMP ROPE -- down the upstairs toilet, causing us to have to replace the toilet entirely -- yes, REPLACE it, completely, because jump ropes have little moveable handles that go down fast and then wedge in a pipe -- I've been looking with a more critical eye at that bathroom.

And Mr Bunches, but I can't exactly replace HIM.

What I can replace is the sink in the upstairs bathroom. With the new toilet, the old sink is looking a bit, well, OLD. And kind of dingy, and not really in keeping with the new toilet. Plus, let's be honest: the old sink was from the same time period as the old toilet, and I'm pretty sure it, too, can't handle a jump rope, and I think Mr Bunches has another one somewhere.

So I've begun looking for a new sink, and I'm going online to "Shop Sinks and Faucets", where I can get vessel sinks at lower prices; these are way fancier than the regular ol' sink-sinks that we have now -- with really nice "oceanic" sinks and more basic bowl-type sinks and everything in between, Shop Sinks and Faucets will have something, I'm sure, that I'll like and Sweetie will like, plus they've got a lifetime warranty, which is important for me, especially if the fine print doesn't exclude jump rope-related damage.

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