Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's like running through an obstacle course of sweaty people with bad haircuts. (This Is Why I Hate People)

At my health club, the indoor track is three lanes wide -- about 6 feet -- and it's the only place to run in the health club, unless you want to fake run on a treadmill and not actually exercise, that is.

(I say fake run because running on a treadmill isn't anything like real running, and I know that because for one winter I ran on a treadmill and never lost any weight, while running on the track has already dropped an inch off my waist, so it's pretty scientific of me to say that running on a treadmill is fake running.)

Treadmills aren't why I hate people, though. The track is. Because the track is where most people who go to the club also feel they should stand, or talk, or drink from their water bottles, or stretch.

Last night alone, there was a guy standing on one corner of the track -- a remote corner, not even where one enters the track or by a locker room or anything -- stretching... and blocking my running lane. There were people in one of those trendy weightlifting-aerobics classes that also aren't really exercise, and they stood on the track stretching or getting their weights, or just chatting.

This health club sprawls across an entire building. There are three levels, featuring a free weight area, two basketball courts, three pools, a lounge area, and about four exercise areas. Some of those are adjacent to the track. Why are you standing on the track stretching?

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