Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scott Walker is a LIAR. (Publicus Proventus)

Like so many members of the GOP, he's a hypocritical, compulsive liar.

All anyone has heard from Governor Patsy's lying, big-business-bribed mouth is how Wisconsin is in a fiscal crisis that has to be addressed with dramatic means, while the truth is anything but. I don't know how much corporations are paying Governor Patsy to lie repeatedly, but it's got to be a lot, because the lies are big.

Wisconsin is running a surplus. I know this involves stuff beyond the fifth grade level, so try to pay attention or ask someone to help you, Tea Partiers, but the Legislative Fiscal Bureau says Wisconsin will have $121.4 million extra in funds when the fiscal year ends June 30.

So we won't be broke, not this year. The LFB also notes that Wisconsin does have to large liabilities looming-- repaying $200 million to the medical malpractice fund by Wisconsin Supreme Court order, and paying $58.7 million to Minnesota in tax money we owe under the reciprocity deal. IF we were to repay those all in the next 4 months, there would be a deficit.


Those are two older debts, though -- and the budget "crisis" that they didn't create was worsened by Governor Patsy's $60 million in subsidies to rich people that he already passed at the directive of the corporations that run his administration -- $60 million more in debt, already, and he's only been in office a little over a month.

In other words, there's no budget crisis now, and if there's one in the future, it's one that owes about 20% of the total debt to Governor Patsy's first 30 days in office.

Oh, and for the record: Baby-killing, lying Republicans controlled the Assembly that voted to use the $200 million from the malpractice fund back in 2007.

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