Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad Republicans, 1: Maybe she thought health care was a right? (Publicus Proventus)

We know that Republicans will let you die in the street if you think differently than they do, so why should they balk at beating up women who disagree with them? That's obviously the rationalization Republican Scott Bundgaard was engaging in when he ripped his girlfriend out of the car they were riding in and tried to throw her onto the highway.

Bundgaard (shown at right, with a woman he hasn't punched yet) denies doing anything wrong, characterizing a small mark on his face as a "bruise" and denying that pulling a woman out of the car and injuring her is domestic violence -- but a party that wants to redefine rape to allow men to have nonconsensual sex with drugged or incapacitated women shouldn't be expected to understand the niceties of gender relations, should they?

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