Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bad Republican Update: Scott Bundgaard is a liar AND an abuser. (And, ladies, HE'S SINGLE!)(Publicus Proventus)

Republicans, who would like you to die in the streets because you disagree with them, also feel free to lie to the press about whether or not they punched their girlfriend in the chest, and other Republicans will then defend them.

Scott Bundgaard, Arizona Republican/woman hater, was reported late last week to have been involved in a domestic incident. Bundgaard (shown at right with a woman he was probably thinking of punching when the picture was taken), denied the charges.

Unfortunately for Bundgaard, the police actually investigated the incident and unfortunately-er, they allowed the report to be released to the public.

That report shows that someone had made an emergency call about "a male throwing a female onto the ground," with the male turning out to be Future Wife Beater Scott Bundgaard.

Bundgaard, who will probably beat his children someday, too, claimed to police that he was trying to put his girlfriend back into the car, but he forgot to mention that during the fight inside the car, he'd "used his right arm in a swinging motion and hit Ms. Ballard [the girlfriend] over her chest... twice." Leaving bruises.

Oh, and he forgot to mention that he took the woman's phone and threw it out the window to keep her from calling for help.

He also left out that he'd pushed her to the ground twice, after locking her out of the car.

That all directly contradicts all the lies Bundgaard told the press and his constituents after being arrested and then freed -- did I mention that Bundgaard told the press he didn't want special treatment, but that the report shows he told them he couldn't be arrested because of his position? -- but it's not like he did something really bad, like try to get health care for poor people, so I'm sure he'll be re-elected by a landslide in Arizona -- probably on a platform of "I beat up my girlfriend, I'll beat up some illegal immigrants, too."

How can I say that? Simple: Bundgaard's being defended by other Republican wife-beaters, including the Arizona Senate President, who called Bundgaard a "victim." Pearce knows something about victimization, having once grabbed his wife by the throat to throw her down (throwing a woman to the ground ought to be known as The Arizona Waltz).

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Rogue Mutt said...

Makes sense that a state represented by such classy individuals would have a fascist law requiring people who look like immigrants to carry citizenship papers with them.

It's so sadly ironic that right now all those Muslims the Republicans hate are battling for democracy and freedom while here in the Land of the Free we're stripping rights away from people just as fast as we can.