Wednesday, March 02, 2011

God forbid somebody HECKLE Governor Patsy! (Publicus Proventus)

Why was Wisconsin Governor Patsy so intent on keeping people out of the Capitol yesterday, and going forward? Radio host/sycophant Mark Belling read the party line on his show yesterday, when he pointed out that someone had looked in Governor Patsy's window... reportedly... and that it was entirely possible that during Governor Patsy's budget address someone would heckle him.

That viewpoint was furthered by Governor Patsy's state employee worker, Steven Means -- who obviously is overpaid and lazy and no good at his job, because he's a state employee (consider who you're working for Attorney Means, and what your boss says about you in public, when you decide what cases to press) -- took to a Dane County Courtroom to ask protestors (who wanted the Governor to abide by a court order enforcing Wisconsin's Open Meeting laws). Means asked protestors about what he termed "hostile language" aimed at Governor Patsy, and apparently argued that the Capitol has to be closed because it's noisy when people protest.

Which maybe makes it hard for Governor Patsy to hear what's being said on ethics-violating campaign contributor calls placed directly to his office, I guess.

I will predict this, though: remember when Democrats got death threats over health care reform, and a few Republicans lied and said "Hey, we did, too," and remember when, in the aftermath of the Giffords shooting in Arizona, some Republicans including GOP Hypocrite Paul Ryan made up death threats on them, too?

We are going to see Governor Patsy make up a death threat; he's going to claim he got a death threat. I'd bet anything.

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