Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm waiting for the Attorney General to announce how he's going to begin complying with the law... should I hold my breath? (Publicus Proventus)

Not everything in Wisconsin boils down to the Wisconsin Governor violating the Constitution and open meetings laws in a desire to not get heckled; sometimes it's Attorney General J.B. "Van" Hollen who's going to disregard a judge's orders and federal law.

Or so I assume, since I haven't yet heard an official announcement that Wisconsin is going to start implementing "ObamaCare," even though a federal judge just ruled that states must follow the law. And not just any federal judge -- the federal judge who just issued an order requiring states to implement ObamaCare is the same judge who ruled it unconstitutional:
U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson issued a stay of his own ruling at the end of January that found the federal health overhaul violates the Constitution. ....Vinson writes that the ...the federal government, showed: the 'significant disruption' and 'wide-ranging and indeterminate consequences' that could result if implementation of the entire Act must stop immediately, and, upon review and consideration of these arguments, I agree that it would indeed be difficult to enjoin and halt the Act's implementation while the case is pending appeal. It would be extremely disruptive and cause significant uncertainty. So a stay is justified, Vinson decides.

(Source.) If you remember, it took "Van" Hollen about 0.000032 seconds after Vinson's initial ruling to announce that Wisconsin wouldn't implement ObamaCare. Let's keep the clock ticking on how long it'll take to convene a press conference for "Van" to set out what steps the state will be taking to comply with this court's order.

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Rogue Mutt said...

I saw an article on Yahoo! probably from the AP where now the Wisconsin Senate wants the state cops to retrieve the missing Democrat lawmakers. So basically they want the state cops to find these people so the cops along with all other public workers can become indentured servants of Governor Patsy and his regime. Yeah, I'd take my time doing that.