Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OH NO!!! (Middle)

I wonder if I am the only person that thinks this but I hate it when people decided to destroy something so good.
So I love chicken salad and tuna salad and pretty much any kind of salad but what I hate the most is when people take the simplicity out of it and then turn it into something completely different. 

Here is a delicious chicken salad.   Cook some boneless chicken breasts (Maybe add some seasonings to them) and then leave them in the cooler to cool.  When they are cool them dice them up.  After that, dice up a red onion, some celery and if you are feeling cool a cucumber.  Then add all of those into one big mix and add miracle whip or mayonase...whatever floats your boat on that one...and THAT'S IT!!! Add nothing else. 

So when I am given a chicken salad sandwitch I expect just that.  Well today I bit into the one given to me and there were walnuts and grapes in there.  YES IN THE CHICKEN SALAD!!! Grapes...good...Walnuts...good...chicken salad with grapes and walnuts...not a happy camper. 

Whatever happened to just keeping things plain and simple.  That rule pretty much applies to everything in life...I would think so anyways. 


Briane P said...

Chicken salad is SUPPOSED to have stuff in it.

Otherwise it's just chicken.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

When I eat tuna I like putting onion and hardboiled egg pieces in it. Anything else, no thanks.

Middle said...

no Briane that's gross....and eggs in tuna is okay becuase that is still along the salty with salty lines...not sweet and salty...if you're gonna do the salty and then sweet do milk duds with buttered popcorn or pretzels with chocolate or something....