Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You like me! You really like me!

I was going to talk about a stunning new development in the world of SCIENCE! today, but greater developments have taken place, and so I will postpone SCIENCE! for a moment and instead will let you know that it turns out everybody really is talking about me all the time, so take that, team of psychoanalysts who claimed otherwise when they were working on me!

What I meantersay, as Joe Gargery might put it, is that over on Sandra Ulbrich Almazan's blog, I'm being interviewed about my book the After.  Sandra is a phenomenal author who's book Lyon's Legacy was excellent (my review of it is here, and you should go buy it).  She actually knows stuff and, you know, plots out her writing and things, so having her take note of my books is great for me.

And at the same time, I'm being lauded as an "Everyday Hero" over on PT Dilloway's blog, the first ever "Everyday Hero," apparently in recognition of my ability to convince PT to do stuff.  PT writes great books, too, including his upcoming superhero novel A Hero's Journey, featuring some of the best-thought-out superheroing I've ever heard of; his previews in April made me put this book at the top of my wishlist.

Despite my attempts at humor, I'm very gratified to have this level of recognition.  Thanks, Sandra and PT.  Your bribes would be in the mail, but that would make it a federal crime, and I like to keep it low-key, so you'll have to come by and pick 'em up.

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Andrew Leon said...

Man! I still need to read the After! I'm so behind!

Btw, I responded to your dollar store comment, but I'm gonna make you go back over to see what I said :P

Your award from Grumpy is quite deserved.