Friday, May 18, 2012

This is kind of a big deal, for us. (Life, With Unicorns)

Today, Sweetie forwarded to me an email from Mr Bunches' 4K teacher.

I'm going to print the whole text, changing only Mr Bunches' name:


Hi All!

Just wanted to let you know that watching Mr Bunches today was definitely the highlight of my week!!!

His first choice today was connectors. He played there for a few minutes but mostly watched four others who were building with lincoln logs. He picked up his toys that he was playing with and put them back :) and walked over to the small group that were building and asked,

"Can I play too!?" 

Their response was, "Sure but be careful."

Mr Bunches then says, "It will not break, I like your house."

He continued to have a very appropriate dialogue with all of the other children building the same house, asking to take a turn, calling the other children by their name when talking to them, noticing that the others didn't have pieces to build with, talking about who could live in the house.

I watched all of this interaction and it just brought happy tears to my eyes!!!! I so wish I had a video camera for all of this!!!!

It is truly amazing how far he has come this year and he is such a wonderful part of our classroom! Have a great weekend! --
[Teacher name]

Earlier today, I had said to someone "it's the little victories that count," but sometimes the little victories are really big huge victories if you look at them the right way.


Andrew Leon said...

That's so awesome! Congrats! Or whatever word is appropriate there. I'm really happy for you and Mr Bunches!

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