Monday, July 30, 2012

And now for something I think you'll really enjoy.


I don't usually like to not talk about me, but I'm breaking that rule for a second to talk about frequent commenter/great author Andrew Leon.

Andrew, whose book The House On The Corner is sensational, has released a new short story, Shadow Spinner:

Tiberius thinks he's just a normal boy with an abnormal fear of shadows. Well, that's what he thinks until his mother tells him the truth about his father. But that's crazy talk, right? Maybe, his mother is more unhinged than he thought.

What's great about this is not just that it's by Andrew Leon and so you know it's worth reading, but also that Andrew has for some reason made it FREE.

Why?  I don't know.  Maybe he hates capitalism. Or is independently wealthy.  Or he's crazy. Or whatever: His story is FREE and you can therefore read a great short story on your e-reader all for FREE!

Here's the link for Shadow Spinner! So this literally could not be easier for you: Click the link, get a free story.  (You'll have to click one more time but you'd do it if it was for a cute picture of a kitten, wouldn't you? Well, this is the cute-kitten-picture of short stories by Andrew Leon.)

(No, I don't know what that means.)


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Andrew Leon said...

It's free because I have a master plan!
Amazon is sucking, though, because they will only allow me to make it temporarily free when I want to make it permanently free.

I hope you like it. Part two should be out in two weeks.