Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plus, I did some fist-pumping. (Project 190, Day Twenty-One)

There was some mist in the lower marshy parts of the trail.  That was a sign.

There were two cranes walking through the field by the hill. That was a sign, too.

I got that feeling I get when Jesus reminds me that he's always there helping me.  That was definitely a sign.

As I jogged past the three ladies coming the other way, I wanted to tell them watch me run up this hill.

As I hit the bottom of the hill, I thought It's not important how fast you go; what is important is that you run this hill.

As I jogged past the 1/3 marker on the hill, I whispered to myself Come on you're going to do this.

As I hit the halfway point, I said outloud You got this.  You got this

As I hit the top of the hill I raised my arms in victory and said "YES!"


Today's workout: Running outside, 21 minutes.
Latest weight: 251.
Song that I listened to at the start and the end of the run and which hit the good part right as I needed it:

Sweet Talk Sweet Talk The New Pornographers.


Andrew Leon said...

WooHoo! That's awesome!

Liz said...


Rusty Webb said...

I'm inspired. Jesus almost never encourages me to exercise though.