Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's the only logical explanation. (Project 190, Day TWENTY)

This morning, writing down my exercise on The Great List Of Exercises, I noticed that the date, according to The Great List, was 7/28.

But the date, according to everything else in the Universe, was 7/29.

So I said to Sweetie "What's the date today?" and agreeing with the Universe and Everything In It, she said "The 29th," causing me to think I missed a day of working out, that somewhere along the line an entire day had gone by and I hadn't exercised that day.

Which is not impossible, for me; it's entirely possible that I would have forgotten to work out for a day and not even known it.  I've forgotten worse, or better.  Whatever.

I realized, after some investigation, the apparent problem, which was that I had written down an exercise on 7/22, and then the next day blithely recorded the exercise that day as taking place on 7/22, also, and moved on from there, so I corrected that on the Great List, and then sat down to post this, and realized that my day count was off, as yesterday I said it was Day Eighteen when it was Day Nineteen and I'm not even going to go correct the record, now.  It's Day Twenty and that's it.

Note that I said apparent problem, because officially, I am telling people that I simply wrote the wrong date down and/or miscounted, but judging from the evidence this morning, here's what I can say with certainty:

Somehow, I experienced July 22nd twice and missed another day completely. 

I blame Higgs Bosons.

Today's workout:  Biking, 30 minutes, level two.
 Latest Weight:  251.
Song that I listened to while Biking and Watching Biking In The Olympics On TV and also playing a game on my Kindle Fire that Mr Bunches downloaded late Friday night since apparently he can figure out how to buy apps on my Kindle now, it's probably all part of that space/time warp that resulted in me missing a day:

Flight 180, Bishop Allen:



Andrew Leon said...

If I'm going to have to repeat a day, it better be a good day. I mean, it needs to be day where I'm like "oh, yeah! Let's do that one again!" and, then, I get to.

anna. said...

watching the olympics is simultaneously really inspiring and really disheartening.

seeing people in awesome physical shape can be a great motivator. and then i think about how i will literally never attain what they are able to do and it's a little pathetic. but still...very cool. not gonna stop me from being glued to NBC for the next few weeks.