Friday, August 31, 2012

"I feel sad for everyone living that hasn't read this."

SO I WROTE A BOOK, and that book is called The Scariest Things, You CAN'T Imagine, and this is what writer/illustrator/holder of the Blutonian Death Egg Rusty Webb had to say about it:

 * * * * * *

Stephen King called, he wants his talent back.

 I've been a fan of Briane Pagel for some time, I loved Eclipse and The After - calling them both works of a master - but this collection of short stories might be...

get ready... ...

take a breath...

 The greatest short story collection in the history of the world!

I mean it. I swear I do. Nobody, and I mean NO-BODY has ever found a way to craft something this powerful and cram it into four short stories the way the author has with this.

I'll go ahead and say it now: I feel sad for everyone living that hasn't read this. Their lives are all missing something wonderful that they could have just by reading. This is the reason that people who don't speak English need to learn it - so they can read Pagel in the original language. I thank Briane Pagel. Truly, these stories are things I'll be referencing 20 years from now at dinner parties (Hopefully, I'll be attending them on the moon by then) and I'll be educating future generations of readers about how awesome it was to discover these stories before anyone else did.

* * * * * * * * *

*Sniff.  You had me at "greatest short story collection in the history of the world."

If you want to buy The Scariest Things, You CAN'T Imagine, you can:

get it for $0.99 as an ebook here,

or get an actual hard copy of the book for just $10 here.

And let me take the time to also insist that you:

(A) Pay a visit to Rusty at his blog, The Blutonian Death Egg, here; he's hilarious and good at art and a lot of other things I'm not, and

(B) Buy Rusty's book!  It's called A Dead God's Wrath, and it too is just $0.99 and is awesomely incredible.


Rusty Webb said...

That sums up my feelings exactly. Wait, those ARE my feelings exactly.

And you had me at, "There were only six more hours until Jake could get up."

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

If I hadn't read it months ago that review would really make me want to do so.

Andrew Leon said...

Yeah, yeah... it's on my list, but I can only read so many things at one time! Incredibly enough considering how, um, harsh my reviews can be, I have all kinds of review requests stacked up, so everything else keeps getting pushed back.