Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project CXC: Day IV

This is the Project 190 Reboot; the daily exercises were interrupted by this, but I began working out against last Thursday and so I'm on Day IV (the Roman numerals show it's a reboot, not a sequel.)

For a while today, along the path towards the hill at the end, I had an honor guard of rabbits.  It was foggy this morning, barely able to see a couple hundred yards ahead of me, and about every 10 feet there was a small rabbit (probably not the same one each time, but maybe?) on the left of the path.  As I neared it each time, the rabbit would duck into the underbrush.  But the last of the rabbits -- or the last time the same rabbit came out -- jogged with me for a bit, going about five feet ahead of me, and then stopping, and then continuing, doing that for thirty feet or so.

He was like my spirit guide.

I'm only running every fourth day now, the same course, but I haven't been able to run the entire thing since that day I had to stop.  So I've let myself walk a bit of it, but each time I cut down on the walk.  Today, I walked only 90 steps; next time it'll be 80 steps, and so on.

And I read an article that said working out 30 minutes a day is better than working out for an entire hour, which made me first think Hey! I'm right! and then think Aww, man!.

HEY, I'M RIGHT: Working out 30 minutes every day is the way to go!

AWW, MAN:  Participants lost on average, 8 pounds in 3 months.

Today's workout:  Running, 21:57.
Latest weight: 252
Today's song that was playing while Thumper showed me the ways of the meadow:  Over The Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole:


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Looking at that Israel guy is good motivation to lose weight. I mean he ended up at like 750 pounds and then died, so that sucks.

I had that happen once on a path too where every few feet there would be a bunny. Kept startling the crap out of me. That's better than a couple times when I was walking down a path and a snake slithered across my path. Ick.

Andrew Leon said...

Mostly, I just get squirrels. There was a thing with a rabbit I posted about last week, though. And the thing with the bird that I didn't post about, but I thought that one was actually going to hop up onto my foot.
I'm glad you're back to exercising. I was actually wondering if you were going to get back into it after such an interruption.

Liz said...

Why call it a reboot? You just took a short break. Understandable.