Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's getting a bit political in here. (Project CXC, Day VII)

Today was a biking day again.  It went pretty fast, mostly because I spent a lot of the time posting to Twitter a series of #paulryansbigideas.

And although I should probably put this on my political blog, I have to, have to, point out what really really makes me mad.

Ryan and Romney have made a calculated decision that obfuscation, lying, and flat-out ignoring the truth and reasonable requests will not come back to haunt them at all.

Romney will not release his taxes because then he can make any claims he wants, and when people claim otherwise, Romney will say "that's just speculation" and dismiss the allegations. 

Ryan and Romney get credit for being "serious" about the debt and the budget, but ignore that Ryan helped destroy the (not very good in the first place) budget deal last year, and neither will give specifics about how they would balance the budget without raising taxes -- and when they suggest closing "tax loopholes," neither will tell what tax loopholes they will close.

And now, Ryan has just loaded up his speech with a bunch of demonstrable falsehoods, lies that he has already been called on.

People will say "oh, we expect politicians to lie," but that's a dodge: we shouldn't, and when a politician lies you should never vote for him again, but I might be the only person who thinks so because when the Huffington Post interviewed one Ryan listener after the speech and pointed out that his claims, including a claim that Obama promised to save a GM plant that had actually closed in December 2008, before Obama took office, that person, confronted with the fact that her hero had just lied in a nationally-televised speech, shrugged.

Biking didn't get me worked up.  Getting angry at a country that hasn't got even the foggiest concept of the truth anymore did.

Today's workout: Biking, level 4, 25:00.
Latest Weight: 253.
Today's song that actually came on when I was biking and reminded me that most of our country's problems were caused by electing an admittedly incompetent puppet who presided over 8 of the worst years in our country's history:

When The President Talks To God, Bright Eyes.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

The problem is that all politicians lie, so if you don't vote for the liar you have to vote for the other liar. The lies are only going to get worse these last two-plus months until the election, on both sides really.

Really though the tax return thing might not seem important to some people, but this is the kind of "leadership" you can expect from Romney, who doesn't think the commoners need to know how much he's funneling to the Cayman Islands.

Andrew Leon said...

I had to go out and do some stuff in my wife's car last night, and she keeps her radio on NPR. It just so happened that the Republican convention was on, and, man, it made me sick. It started out with the governor of New Mexico, who had been a Dem, going on about how Romney is the only person that can save the American dream (what dream is that? to get rich at the expense of others?), but, really, her whole thing is immigration, but she didn't mention that once. It got worse from there.

Liz said...

I am just going to remain under my rock until this election stuff passes. K?