Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not all E's are extraneous... (The Great Ranking Of Problems, New Addition)

Today's new problem: Ever since Dan Quayle famously misspelt "potato" as "potatoe" I have been unsure if having more than one potato or tomato should be expressed as I have many potatos or I have many potatoes. This has gone on for decades now, for far longer than it should.

On a related point, I had for a long time a note on my desk that said when to use "principal" and when to use "principle," a note that was necessary because before that my only reference point for when to use either was something from the Ramona books in which Ramona Quimby's principal told her she could remember it by saying The principal is your pal.

I will rank this at...

7,399: Potato(E?)s?

Prior entries:

173: Preshoveling & reshoveling snow.
721: Printer not holding a lot of paper at once.

15,451: Almost napping.
14,452: Worrying that there's too much peanut brittle leftover to eat before it goes bad.

22,372: Having hair which isn't quite a definable color.
22,373: Having too many songs on an iPod

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